Blackheath, Congregational Church Names

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Surname Forenames Regiment Battalion Rank Number Date of Death How Died Theatre Born Enlisted Residence Notes
Bagwell Albert Rowland London 20th Pte 685907 03/12/1917 KIA F&F Blackheath Blackheath
Barber GB
Beecher William Worcs 1st Pte 45297 27/03/1918 DoW F&F Peckham Lewisham Bromley
Carnegie Theodore Arthur KRRC 12th Lt 16/08/1917 KIA
Claxton Eric Abley KRRC 2/Lt 31/07/1917 DoW
Collins Richard Northumberland Fus 1st Cpl 9882 20/10/1914 KIA F&F London London
Crocker Joseph Duke of Wellington's 5th Lt 19/09/1917 KIA
Davey William Roy London 12th 2/Lt 01/07/1916 KIA F&F
Dowson George Charles KRRC 17th Rfm R/35504 06/07/1918 DoW Home Lee Camberwell Lee
Elder William Gardner London 20th Lt 10/02/1918 Died
Evans Albert Edward M/G Corps Infantry Pte 57721 09/06/1917 Died F&F Islington Lewisham Blackheath
Fahmy Eric Percival Seaforth Highlanders 8th Sgt S/5774 25/09/1915 KIA F&F Amoy, China London
Field Walter London 4th Pte 295444 26/10/1917 KIA F&F Lee Blackheath Lee
Fuller Sydney Thomas London 20th L/Sgt 631708 23/03/1918 KIA F&F Felsted Lee Blackheath
G iggins Harold Herbert East Kent 7th Pte S/10789 23/03/1918 KIA F&F Forest Gate Woolwich Lewisham
Gladwell G
Hayes Alexander Henry Berks 5th Pte 8077 03/07/1916 KIA F&F Lee London Sydenham
Hinds William Pugh Royal Welsh Fus 15th Lt 02/02/1916 DoW
Howard Norman Northants 5th Lt 01/08/1915 DoW
Hughes FP
Jeffries JJ
King WJ Noth Staffs 1/2nd Lt 16/05/1918 Died
Knight Alan Collingwood Rifle Brigade 14th Lt 29/06/1915 DoW
Jack FG
Lamb Harold James D London 17th Cpl 51658 03/10/1918 Died F&F Blackheath Wandsworth Earlsfield
Lester Joseph RHA/RFA Gnr 123042 27/10/1918 KIA Mespotamia Lee Lewisham
McKenzie Pte
MacKirdy G
Martin C Lt
Munday Sidney George East Kent 1st Pte S/10923 14/04/1918 KIA F&F Lewisham Woolwich Lee
Nichols J
Oakley R
Paramanathan A
Peaton HW
Paze T
Rose DH
Rawlinson Godfrey Marshall Ox/Bucks LI 4th 2/Lt 16/07/1916 DoW
Sing JV
Smith Robert Rifle Brigade 9th Rfm O/446 04/04/1918 KIA F&F Lee Lewisham Lee
Staight Ralph Neville Somerset LI 3rd 2/Lt 24/03/1917 KIA
Streeter Frederick Arthur Worcester 2nd Pte 57770 29/09/1918 KIA F&F Southwark Lewisham Catford
Thompson Sydney Reginald London 28th Pte 760831 17/01/1918 DoW F&F Greenwich London Lee
Thompson Stanley London 20th Pte 631302 20/03/1918 KIA F&F Blackheath Blackheath
Thompson G
Turner Cyril London 17th Rfm 576776 30/09/1918 KIA F&F Greenwich Kingston Blackheath
Underwood Edmund Poole London 17th 2/Lt 30/07/1916 KIA
Underwood Thomas Tyers HAC Infantry Pte 4705 13/11/1916 KIA F&F Armoury House Lee
Vince Samuel Alfred London 20th Pte 3815 21/05/1916 KIA F&F Blackheath Lewisham
Wakeman Timothy Albert RHA/RFA Gnr 123528 07/08/1916 KIA F&F Lee Lewisham
Ward Alfred Webb Grenadier Guards 3rd L/Sgt 18339 27/11/1917 KIA F&F Greenwich London
Watson S
Wilder Alec Edward Devon 2nd Cpl 31033 31/05/1918 KIA F&F London Lewisham
Wilson George Leinster 2nd Pte 5499 23/11/1917 KIA F&F Lee Woolwich Lee
Woolmer Stanley Herbert France KRRC 2/Lt 03/09/1916 KIA

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