Grigg, David Lionel GM

David Grigg was a Police Sergeant,serving at Catford on " P " Division, Metropolitan Police.

The citation for the award of his George Medal appeared in the London Gazette of 11 March 1941.
It reads :

//"A German aeroplane crashed on two dwelling houses demolishing both and burying the residents. Four persons were rescued,slightly injured. Shortly afterwards, four more bombs were dropped nearby, only a few yards from the Police and Rescue Parties, causing them to suspend operations for a few minutes. When the rescue work was resumed, it was discovered that a number of bombs, several of which were still attached to parts of the machine, were amongst the debris. Two more persons were trapped underneath and it was necessary to remove the bombs before they could be extricated.

Police Sergeant Grigg volunteered to carry the bombs from the wrecked houses and removed three of them from the wreckage. He was about to return for a fourth when it was suspected that one or more were about to explode. Nevertheless, Grigg again entered the wreckage and removed the bomb. The Sergeant then crawled beneath the debris and located one of the trapped victims, who was eventually rescued. Grigg, who had no special knowledge of bombs, showed great courage and devotion to duty."//

The events leading to the award of the medal took place on 9 November 1940 in Johnson Road, Bromley Common.

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