St Michael And All Angels WW1 Memorial Names
R. F. Aldridge G. Dowding H.Keeping G. Rowe
A Baker J.A. Dunmore W.R. King P.A. Rowland
C.Barker A.J. Durling P. Lagden A. Russell
S.A. Bathe W. Eaglestone B. Lambert W.S.J. Saunders
E. Belcher E.Eames J. Lane A.E. Seabury
F.H. Benge W.C. Early R.J. Lawrence H. Sharman
G.A. Benge H. Elias B.C. Lee P.A.J. Shepherd
G. Bird W. Fairbairn A.T. Maisey C.H. Slater
A.E.V. Bloyce S. Figg A.W. Martin A.H. Smith
W.E. Bonner A.Fisher G.W.J. Martin C.H. Smith
F. Boyd R.G. Garland W.E. Martin W.T. Smith
W.R. Brouitt W. Gibbons A.G. Maynard A.C. Smyth
E.J. Carter H. Glass E.W. Morris G. Stanton
F.R. Carter C.H. Glover W. Muscutt P.G. Steggell
H.O. Carter J. Goodman V.E. Nelson H.S. Stevens
C.W. Castle F.J. Goodman H. Ockenden A. Storr
S.G. Castle S. Green H.J. Parker P. Storr
S.W. Chalk A.J. Gurnsey (Probably A.J. Gurney) A.E. Pearson P. Streatfield
H.A. Cheasman J.C.F. Hamilton G.S. Pearson C. Street
H.H. Cheasman G.W.W. Hammond L.S. Penton J. Sullivan
W.H. Childs C. Hamon C. Peters M. Sullivan
H.J. Chitty G. Harris W.C. Peters W.G. Surrey
J.P. Coast G. Hill G.W. Pink D. Tagg
W. Coombes A.J. Hodgkin S. Pink A. Thomas
A.W. Cotton H.F. Hollman A.T.Quickenden O.J.M. Walden
F.J. Court H. Ingham A. Quinn R. Welch
A. Cowling P. Ingram C. Quinn S.C Welch
J. Croft G. Jacobs E. Quinn L. West
H.J. Dale A.James J. Quinn C Woods
J. Dempsey A.J. Johnson B. Reed J. Woodward
R. Dennett H.A.E. Johnson C.F. Riches E. Yost
Additional Entries, not on original Memorial:
G. Butcher H.G.Hollman A.W. Bull E.A. John A.E. Krombach
R.E. Eades L.C. Huthwaite M.Little G.H. John H.Thompson
G. Besley A.W. Screech T.N.D Killick F.L.Screech W.A.V. Humphries
E.W. Johnson

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