New Cross, St James Hatcham WW1 War Memorial Names
Adams C G Featherstone H L Lewis, Stanley Arthur Rummery A C
Aked H Forrest, Albert Henry Little, Ronald Henry Rycroft F H
Aldridge, Albert Fowler, James Alfred Littlefield, George Henry Sanders S E
Andrews, Richard Clufcott Fowler, Walter Frank McClary A F Schnaar C H
Angling W J Fowler, William James McDonnell R V Seabrook F G
Anstiss, Harry Sydney Augustus Franklin, Frederick Thomas Mardon, Walter Shepherd, Robert William G
Ashfield, William Robert French, James Mash, Lionel James Shore, Frank
Attwood A J Frost, Thomas J Maskell F A Simmons A G
Bacon, Edward Thomas Fussell G Matthews, Thomas William Simpson A
Baker, Norman Larkin Gailer C R Middleton, Ernest Raymond Skelley A F
Batterham, Alfred Charles George A S Miller A Slow E C D
Bibby, William Gibbins, Sidney William Montagnon E Smith, Albert E J
Brinkworth C Goldstone L Moody H J Smith W H
Brown J Goldstone M Moore H E W Spalding, Henry George
Brown W F Gramson, John Henry Moreton H Sparks,Donald Hansell
Brown, Walter Stanley Gray A F Morley, Arthur William Spicer, Charles Edwin
Bull G A Gregory, John George Morley, Francis James Stanhope T S
Bulmer, Charles Forsyth Haffenden, Albert Earl Morphew H B Steel A T
Bulmer, Frank Stedman Hall, Charles Thomas Muggeridge E Steel C J
Burt C Harris L T Napier, David Henry Strand, John James
Busby, Arthur S Harrison, Arthur J Newton E A Stubbs W H
Butler F E Hartless, Geoffrey Nicholls, William Henry Synyer, Richard Harold
Button, George John Harvie, Charles William Nightingale, Richard Talbot C M
Bygrave, James A Hawkes,Reuben Ernest Norman A Talbot E
Carmen, Frederick Charles Haydon E N Northam, George Patrick Tammadge H H
Carter W J Head, Frederick George Northam, John McClure Vanner, David
Charman, Alfred John Hearn R C Oram A E Wagner, John
Clark W A Hems J A Parker A C Walker E
Collins S Hillier B S Pattison J G Wannop S G
Cowan J W Hoare, Alfred James Paver, Frank Sidney Wells, John E V
Culverwell, Ernest Frank Hogben, John William George Payne H A Wheeler A S
Curtis E A Holborow, Walter Peace, Henry Arthur Vernon White W J
Dalby, John William Charles Hood A G Peacock, Charles Whiting J W
Davidson A R Howlett E A Penney F W Whitlam, Charles Walter
Dipple, John Hudson, Bertram Gordon Pennicard F Wilbourne E H
Diss W Hussey, George William Perlman, Frederick George Williams D E
Duck F T Ide, Ernest Edward Perlman, Ted Williams F
Dunn, Owen James Jay A Pestell, Sydney John Williams J A
Edwards A G Jeffery J C Peters, William Joseph Williams F C
Edwards J H Jones L Pethybridge, Herbert Thomas Willis F J
Elliott F J Jones W Phillips T C Wilson W C S
Elliott, Richard Judd S W Plummer, Walter James Frederick Winnicott A
Elliston C A Kevan T J Power W E Wright, Sidney Arthur
Etheridge, Alexander Jules Knapp J Ramus A Wyborne, William James
Farr, Leonard James Large E E Rayner, George William
Farr P V Levett A J Roles,William George

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