Lewisham, Lewisham Military Hospital WW1 War Memorial Names

The names on this memorial are very difficult and sometimes almost impossible to read, errors may well occur and some names are missing.
When names that have been included later are not in the order that they appear on the stone an (*) has been placed beside their name.
"Ranks" given on the stone are not always those given on the records, see individual links.

St. Sergt. H. Taylor Rflmn. F. Varley Pte G. Glew Pte A. Pritlove
Corpl. H. Hawley Rflmn. A. Cutler Pte J. Davis Pte J. Standing
Corpl. J. Patch Rflmn. J. Douglas Pte W. Fowle Pte A. Weir
Corpl. L. Ricketts Pte G.S Major Pte J. Trousdale Pte W. Derity
Bomb. H. Rawlings Rflmn. T. Butler Pte J. McMahon Pte J. Chalk
Bomb. Evans Rflmn. J. Hudson Pte H. Couclant Pte L. Griffiths
Gnr. Tooney Pte D. Goldsmith Pte G. Moir Pte A. Reason
Gnr. Ware Pte J. Bolitho Pte R. Younger Pte P. O'Keefe
Dvr. Penning Pte W.Tower Pte H. Kay Pte F. Deacon
Riflm. F Atkinson Pte A. McGinley Pte E. Danby Pte S. Britton
Rflmn. A Neston Pte A. Wheeler Pte G. Atkins Pte W. Jeffries
*Sergt. W. Matthews Pte H. Bowler Pte F. Harlow Pte J. Wescombe
Rflmn. W. Blance Pte A. Wickmore Pte B. Bailey Pte Pitman
Rflmn. J. Byrne Pte. A. Jackson Pte C. Downton Pte A. Accord
Rflmn. T. Conner Pte C. Gladstone Pte O. Smith Pte A. Jennings
Rflmn. Austen Pte P. Seal Pte T. Page Pte W. Harmer
Rflmn. A. Smith Pte E. Traer Pte J. Burgess Pte E. Stacey
Rflmn. J. Whitehill Pte J. Finlayson Pte W. Baxter Pte C. Stanford
Rflmn. H. Charlton Pte J. McEvoy Pte H. Niles 2nd R.M. R Buckley
*Sergt. J. Williams Pte Miller Pte A. Packham Pens. H. Hearne
Rflmn. Tawcliff Pte H.C Wilmot Pte J. Poole Pens. W. Trustcott
Rflmn. S. Grocock Pte A. Gardner Pte B. Hillier Pens. F Eyer
*L. Corpl. A. Lermouth Pte L. Kirby Pte E. Wilkin Pte H Mowring
Pte C.J. Dawes Pte. D.J.Benbow Pte D. Burton Pte. George Whiffen
Rflmn. F. Underwood Pte W. Hooper Pte J. Brown Sgt. Henry C. Cartwright
Rflmn. H. Pickwick Pte G. Williams Pte J. Wall *Sgt. C. Herbert Charles Guilleret
Rflmn. G. Bean Pte Warly Pte C. Peers *Pte. A.E. Springham
Rflmn. T. Utting Pte J. Westwood Pte I. Colfe *Pte. C.J. Lowe

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