Hither Green Civilian Cemetery WW2 5 Panel Memorial Names

Panel 1

[Picture exists, but obscured towards end]
Adams Harold Brett Ethel Maud
Addis - Boyce Kathleen Joan [or Cooper] Brett Reginald
Arnold Leonard Brett Roy Arthur
Astley Margaret Bridgman Frances Louisa
Ayres Winifred Jessie Broadway Joseph
Ayres John Edward Leslie Brown Hannah Alice
Bailey Walter Thomas Budgen Rosa
Barclay Donald Arthur Bunyan Constance Ruth
Barclay Ethel May Cahill Joan Margaret
Barclay Gordon Arthur Cahill Ernest Edward
Barnes Beatrice Cahill Kate Eleanor
Barnes George William Carpenter Dorothy
Barnes Louisa Carr Alice
Barnes Samuel Carr Ann Margaret
Barton Harry Carr Florence
Bird William Henry Carr John Thomas
Blencowe Esther Maria Carr Louisa
Blight Elsie Carroll James Joseph
Blight Francis Farnham Castlehow Ethel Jane
Booker Robert George Coster Rita Doreen
Borthwick Flora Coster Beryl Violet
Brett Dorothy Coster Dorothy Margaret

Other possible names on the remaining 4 panels. [no clear picture is held, so these names are from the mortuary register held by Lewisham Archives].

A.S. Hamshere, a relative of Dorothy Maud and Lily Hampshere who are listed below has notified us that he believes the correct spelling of their surname should be Hamshere.
Chadwick Ada Gray Mary Caroline Leonard Margaret Scarse Emily
Chadwick Edward George Henry Gray Arthur Leonard Joseph Scarse Harold Augustus
Chadwick James William Gray William John Edward Leonard Arthur William Scott Mabel
Church Frederick John Green Emma Jane Leonard John Skelton Charles Reginald
Clark Harold Green Muriel Eileen Edna Leonard Patrick Smart John William
Clayton Dorothy Griffiths Reginald Gordon Little Francis George Smart Doris May
Connor Frederick Griffiths Eleanor Maud Little Lilian Jane Smart Beryl Violet
Coombes Elizabeth Sarah Halls Ernest Victor Longley Albert Frederick Smart John William
Cooper Emma Horney Queenie Mace Harriet Smart Doreen
Creedy Catherine Elizabeth Horney Florence Mace Arthur Smith Agnes Maria
Cripps Gladys May Hayward Alberta Mills Caroline Gertrude Smith Sophia
Cripps Matilda May Heslop Ada Annie Mills Arthuir Southcombe Herbert
Cumming William Charles Hinds Ida Elizabeth Mitchel Bertram Reginald Southcombe Dorothy Bertha
Dale Joseph Hinds Charles Alfred Moir Dorothy Southcombe Mary Ann
Davies Albert George Hoare Norah Elizabeth Murphy Noreen Joan Spedding Mayhew Edith
Davis Edward Hodson Alice Murphy Terence Peter George Speller Doreen Patricia
Davis Alice Catherine Hodson Robert Gordon Murphy Eric Colin Speller Derek Edward
Davis Benjamin Hogan Francis Neale Beatrice Kate Speller Violet
Davies Arthur Hogan Lucy Maud Neary Cyril Roland Montgomery Speller David John
Day Elizabeth Kate Holmes Thomas O'Grady William Joseph Speller Mary
Dennis Fanny Emma Hook James William Osborn Ethel Rose Steveson Robert Henry
Dubber Albert Sydney Hopkins Mary Ann Osborn Ronald Street Thomas William
Edney Irene May Elizabeth Howard Henry Osborn George Harry Street Mary Ann
Edney Marjorie Rose Howard Joyce Winifred Parker Charles Stringer Ruby Lily
Edney May Howard Eliza Caroline Jane Pawsey Irene Ann Taylor Blanche
Edney Edward Howard Hesther Elizabeth Mary Pawsey Dorothy Bertha Taylor Harry
Edney Doris Hampshere* Dorothy Maud Pawsey Ernest William Thornburrow Alice Mary
Facer Gertrude Ivy Hampshere* Lily Pearson Frederick Tull Frank David
Faulkes Benjamin Humphries Ernest Jack Peck Rose Mary Usalis Pamela Cecilia
Fenton Richard Francis William Humphries Joyce Winifred Pilgrim Albert Edward Van Bommel Jacoba
Fordham Martha Elizabeth Humphries Agnes Rose Pilgrim Raymond White Audrey Mary
French Annie Humphries Lucy Pilgrim Doris Wiggs Frederick John
Froud Emily Hutchinson Gladys Daisy Pilgrim Brian Wiggs Elsie
Froud William George Keys June Elizabeth Ranger Arthur Robert Wilding Margaret Sophia
Fuller Sarah Keys Jean Ann Ranger Florence Wills Louisa Emily
Galloway Doris Eileen Keys Jessica Shirley Riley John Michael Wood Daniel Frederick
Galloway Emily Eileen Keys Louisa Ann Martha Robinson Winifred Elizabeth Woods Herbert
Garrett Frederick Robert Keys Janet May Roffey Elsie Young Jean Rose
Garton William Walter Kyle Violet Frances Gasson Henry Young Eileen Florence
Garvey Elizabeth Lee Maud Saunders George William
Gilbert Leonard Legerton Claude Saxby Saysell Pauline

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