Forest Hill, St Saviour WW1 and WW2 War Memorial Book Names
Surname First Names Rank Number Regiment Bttn Born Died Where
Acott Walter John A L/Cpl 7640 Corps of RE Lewisham 17/10/1918 F&F
Adams Charles Frederick George Pte 681193 London 22nd 09/05/1917 F&F
Allen HW
Arthurs J
Bailey AE
Barrell Harry W Pte 4818 London 20th 22/07/1916 F&F
Bishop AH
Bliss Harold Edgar L/Cpl 12621 Norfolk 7th Westminster 13/10/1915 F&F
Blow Henry Rfmn R/27323 KRRC 17th Forest Hill 20/09/1917 F&F
Bradley WG
Branch John St Patrick Pte L/10223 Royal West Kent 1st Brockley 29/08/1914 F&F
Bridgen RJ
Bridger Arthur William Bdr L/26778 RHA/RFA 17/08/1917 F&F
Brown Maberley Lens 74307 Durham Light Inf 2/5th 16/12/1918
Brubach Fred William Pte 31459 RAMC 27th Field Amb Forest Hill 28/09/1918 F&F
Brubach G
Brubach Henry Augustus CSM 1051 London 15th Lewisham 15/09/1916 F&F
Brubach Owen George L/Cpl L/12521 Middlesex 3rd 05/03/1915
Burchell Frederick Hugh A/Seaman J/9672 HMS Good Hope 01/11/1914
Burrows Frederick Arthur L/Cpl F/924 Middlesex 17th Sydenham 28/04/1917 F&F
Burt Sidney Thomas Rfmn Z/2775 Rifle Brigade 13th Forest Hill 07/08/1917 F&F
Cannings Ernest Arthur Cpl G/8356 Royal West Kent 11th Plumstead 15/09/1916 F&F
Cannon James Alfred O/Seaman J/27906 HMS Hampshire 05/06/1918
Castell George Charles A/C 1st Cpl 39594 12th Sq RFC 12/08/1917
Chawner James L/Cpl G/3264 Middlesex 12th Sydenham 14/07/1916 F&F
Cherrington Stanley Alfred L/Cpl B/1627 Rifle Brigade 1st Birmingham 11/01/1918 F&F
Child Frederick Pte G/68633 Royal Fusiliers 24th Canning Town 12/09/1918 F&F
Chiles Douglas Edwin Sgt 13205 DCLI 6th Forest Gate 26/09/1915 F&F
Coles Cecil Frederick Gottlieb Sgt 390653 London 9th 26/04/1918 F&F
Cooper Arthur Sydney L/Cpl 650685 London 21st 24/08/1918 F&F
Cooper Stanley John Rfmn 554896 London 16th 13/08/1917 F&F
Coventry Sydney Arthur Pte 4775 London 1st Lambeth 16/05/1916 F&F
Crane George William L/Cpl R/27342 KRRC 12th Marylebone 12/07/1918 F&F
Delahoy Walter Rfmn S/29507 Rifle Brigade 12th 25/04/1917 F&F
Denny Guy Pte 12606 Bedford 7th Dulwich 04/05/1917 F&F
Draper James Pte 10818 Royal Berks 1st Lewisham 16/05/1915 F&F
Fry Charles Stoker 1st Class K/25258 HMS Conquest 17/06/1918
Fulford Joseph William Rfmn R/24235 KRRC 9th Forest Hill 29/09/1916 F&F
Glasscock Sydney Frederick Lt Tank Corps D Bttn 20/11/1917
Gosling Charles Pte 62997 Worcester 1st Garrison Dulwich 11/06/1918
Gosling Edward A Pte TF/2378 Royal West Kent 1/5th Dulwich 01/05/1915 India
Graysmark Ernest Joseph Pte 249984 Canadian Infantry 58th 07/08/1918
Graysmark John Thomas CSM 320045 London 6th Lewisham 09/02/1917 F&F
Grasymark William Pte 164246 Canadian Infantry 75th 09/04/1917
Griffiths W
Harris S
Hawkins Sidney Frederick Cpl 2968 London 20th 27/12/1915 F&F
Hayward WJ
Healey AG
Herring GE
Herring SW
Hewlett William Henry Rfmn 6/1173 KRRC 11th Forest Hill 30/11/1917 F&F
Hiscock Herbert John Signaller 60158 Royal Welch Fus 16th 22/04/1918
Hoad AJ
Holt Arthur James Rfmn 323443 London 6th Lewisham 20/02/1917 F&F
Hooton William James Spr 22518 Royal Engineers 5th Field Coy Peckham 06/11/1914 F&F
Hope James Francis Gnr 178836 RHA/RFA 22/02/1917
Horlock A
Horlock William Canadian Infantry 1st 28/04/1916
Howes William Joseph Rfmn 575044 London 2/17th Forest Hill 02/11/1917 EEF
Jarman GT
Jessop George Albert L/Cpl G/6852 Royal West Surrey 1st Brockley 24/08/1916 F&F
Jessop J. O
Johnson Herbert Rfmn 473439 London 17th Battersea 30/11/1917 F&F
Kerr Oliver Rfmn 48407 Rifle Brigade 28th Woolwich 27/09/1918 F&F
Lambeth William 1st Mate JW Thompson 28/02/1917 Mercantile Marine
Lawler J
Leeming AJ
Linge Leon Elliot Pte G/2225 Royal West Kent 7th Forest Hill 08/07/1917 F&F
Logan P
Luffingham George Frederick Pte 115540 Household Cavalry 2nd Co of London 14/08/1917 Egypt
Lynn John Pte 1272 Lancashire Fus 2nd Forest Hill 02/05/1915 F&F
Massey RC
Mayor G
Miller IL
Mitchell Walter Ernest L/Cpl 630302 London 20th East Ham 21/03/1918 F&F
O'Reilly B
Owen Augustus Charles Lt Somerset LI 8th 06/08/1918
Pearce Edward Gordon Pte M/301972 RASC Brighton 30/09/1917 F&F
Pearce Edwin Wellesley Rfmn S/17226 Rifle Brigade 13th Dulwich 28/04/1917 F&F
Pearson E
Phillips William Albert Pte G/9588 Royal West Kent 11th Forest Hill 19/07/1916 F&F
Pickering AJ
Pollard William Walter Pte G/9293 Royal West Kent 1st Forest Hill 28/06/1918 F&F
Prew Edward Horace Gnr 78772 RHA/RFA Deptford 24/08/1918 F&F
Prew George Samuel Pte 7687 RAMC Paddington 26/09/1916 F&F
Rawlings W
Reade T
Rogers Leonard Charles Pte 514913 London 14th Bermondsey 04/03/1918 F&F
Roose C
Ruffell Bernard George Rfmn B/166 Rifle Brigade 10th Deptford 23/09/1917 F&F
Sandford William Charles Rfmn 318319 London 1/5th 23/08/1918
Sawyer RF
Scott James Edward Rix L/Cpl G/1942 East Kent 7th Lewisham 15/01/1916 F&F
Shippard AR
Skudder Thomas Frederick Sgt 13830 RFA 68th Bt 14 Bgde Vauxhall 01/10/1918 F&F
Slight HJ
Smith Charles Leonard Pte 27607 Otago Rgmt 2nd 10/12/1917
Smith George Arthur L/Cpl G/8355 Royal West Kent 11th Cleveland USA 06/10/1916 F&F
Smith Henry Alfred L/Cpl G/10616 Royal West Kent 11th Cambridge 27/05/1917 F&F
Smith W
Smith William Ernest Owen L/Seaman 239552 HMS Conquest 28/03/1916
Stevens Frederick Arthur Pte G/5755 East Kent 2nd Wandsworth 28/05/1915 F&F
Stevens RW Pte 11489 West Yorks 9th Forest Hill 27/09/1916 F&F
Stoodley G
Sydenham Reginald William Pte G/54124 Middlesex 7th New Cross 31/08/1918 F&F
Tonge Alfred Barnaby Pte 6018 London 4th Forest Hill 26/09/1916 F&F
Walkling James Ernest 8926 Royal Scots Fus 1st Forest Hill 17/07/1916 F&F
Wallis Ernest Rfmn 452636 London 2/11th Peckham 25/05/1917 F&F
Watts G
Wedge Edward James Pte 3265 RAMC 1st Field Amb Alton 02/09/1918 F&F
Weston Leslie Ernest Rfmn S/35467 Rifle Brigade 17th 06/09/1918
Wheeler Charles Pte 235052 Y/Lancs 1/4th Catford 09/10/1917 F&F
Wheeler Frederick Augustus Pte 44823 Manchester 2/9th 31/07/1917
Wiggins George Alexander Rfmn R/33226 KRRC 18th 31/07/1917
Wilson Walton Ronald Lt RAMC 12/07/1916 F&F
Winterbourne Frank Thomas Capt London 2nd 10/10/1918
Wooldridge Alfred William Gunner 67738 RFA 65th Btty Hastings 13/09/1914 F&F
Wright Frederick Pte 9494 Coldstram Guards Forest Hill 25/12/1914 F&F

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