Bellingham Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club War Memorial Names

Names of the members and sons of Bellingham Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club who served in World War 1

Name Regiment Name Regiment
J.A. Atkinson H.A.C. W.S. Duff L.R.B.
H.A. Barker 20th Lon. J.A.G. Falkner Q.W.R.
R. Barnes R.A.M.C. L. Gall 7th City Lon.
T.H. Brisleden W.K.Yeo. E. Harrison A.S.C.
F.B. Bristow H.A.C. J. Harrison Lon.S.
F.W. Bristow A.S.C. T. Harrison W.K.Yeo.
C.E. Carr Q.W.R. W. J.Hatcher R.F.
E. Chaper O & Blt.L W.R. Hellis Wstn.Dons.
D. Dangerfield 20th Lon. J.Mc.G.Hendry Lon. S.
S.H. Dewdney R.F.A. W.N. Hendry Lon.S.
L.A. Donaldson 20th Lon. J.H. Jackman 20th Lon.
H.G. Donaldson 20th Lon. ?. James R.E.
G.M. Duckworth A.O.C.
E.A. James 20th Lon H.E. Shattock R.F.
J.G. Kennedy A.R. A.Mc.F. Sims Lon.S.
W.R. Laird A & S.H. A.A. Thomson 4th R.F.
P.C. Law 13th Lon. F.H. Tredray NewZ. F.A.
D. Mackrell H.A.C. J.R.K. Tyre Lon.S.
R Maltby Q.W.R. K. Tyre Lon.S.
W.W. Mennie R.A.M.C. W. Uden Jnr R.A.M.C.
N.R. Oliver 3rd Lon.Yeo. A.Y. Wallace Lon.S.
W.H.R. Oliver 20th Lon. R.C. Wallace Lon.S
A. Preston 20th Lon. S.M. Webb
E.C. Rossiter S.H. Can. C.Wha—Ey R.A.M.C
M.H. Sears Q.W.R. R. Wybourn
F. Seyffert A.S.C.
K.A. Jackman L.S. A. Swann R.F.C.
S. Gosling 20th Lon L.A. Richardson R.E.
N.F. Wills R.N.V.R. S.T. Ray R.G.A.
E. Skinner 16th Dons C. Richardson Buffs
H.W. Goan 3rd Lon Yeo H.T. Nman 21st Lon
H.W. Park R.F. A.F. East A.S.C
A.T. Park 15th London Caut~~~ ?. Obbs 18th Lon
F.C. Harrison R.N.A.S. ?. Kidner 7th Can
H.W. White P.O.R. N.H. Moreton 13th Lon
H. Lawrence R.F.A.
C.E. Ravani A.S.C. F.A. Caspar R.E.
D. Mcque 25th Lon A.W. Sturgess R.E.
D.W. Dickinson 20th Lon D.C. Drynan Lon. S.
R.A. Maxted R.A.M.C. P.G. Bennell R.E.
H.M. Macnicol 8th Nflk L.F. Hunt R.N.V.R.
F. Clayton 4th W.K W.G. Shipwright R.N.A.S.
F.C. Woof 6th In Dgns J.Batty 20th Lon
T.N. Woof 20th Lon T.V. Barker R.G.A.
G.W. Brooks R.E. A.F.Bullard R.F.C.
D.MacNichol C.S.R A.M.Moreton 13th Lon
A.G.Ravani Howr Br-S S.L. Ryder R.N.A.S
B.Keable 2nd F.La E.A. Swann R.F.C.
A.Dickinson Howr Br-S H.F. Gill R.E.
G.S. Kennedy H.M.T. J. Vanderpump 12th Lon
F.A. White R.W.K. A. Hulbert 20th Lon
S.C. Clayton 4th W.K. A. Gardner 25th Lon
G.J. Barker R. Sx. Cy A.V. Day R.E.
J. Ramsay Q.W.R. J.J. Brandon A.S.C.
S.C. Carr R.F.C. R.G. Watts R.F.C
S. Love R.F.C.

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