Grove Park Cemetery Private Memorials

C W Joyner
Able Seaman
R.N. C/Js825
"HMS Drake"
10 August 1942 Aged 25
"Ever In Our Thoughts"

In Loving Memory of Alice The Beloved Wife of I.J. Hayward Who Died 10th October 1944 Aged 57 Years And Their Son William Alexander, Sergeant R.A. Killed In France 11th September 1944 Aged 29.

George Phipps Routhorn Killed By Enemy Action 25th November 1944 Aged 62

In Loving Memory of Edith Lucy Killed On January 9th 1945 Aged 23 And Joined By Her Dear Father Peter Robert Edwards Died January 17th 1945 Aged 62 Also Lucy Amy Edwards Their Devoted Mother And Wife Died February 8th 1946 Aged 61 From Injuries Sustained In The Same Incident. "At The Going Down of The Sun, And In The Morning We Will Remember Them"

[Stone Unreadable In Sunlight]
Stone In Front
Also Our Dear Son George Killed In Germany April 15th 1945 Aged 38 Years. (Side1) In Memory of My Dear Husband Who Died February 9th 1947 Aged 69 Years. (Side2) Florence Emma Beloved Wife Home
— August 1954 Aged 75 Years. Reunited

In Memory of Gunner William E Trodd Son-In-Law Who Died On Active Service 21st February 1945 Aged 31 Years
"Called To A Higher Service". At Rest In Holland. And His Dear Wife Eileen May Trodd Who Died 7th March 1977 Aged 64 Years. Reunited

In Treasured Memory of Daphine Betty (Woman’s Auxiliary Air Force) The Beloved Daughter of Edwin And Mable Mead Who Fell Asleep 1st August 1943 Aged 19 "A Golden Gate Stood Open And A Gentle Voice Said Come" Also Edwin Dearly Beloved Father of Daphine Who Was Called To Rest May 11th Aged 54 Years "Peace Perfect Peace"

Florence Elizabeth Smith
Who Was Killed 7th March 1941 Aged—-
"To Be With Christ Which Is Far Better"

In Loving Memory of William James Dixon Fell Asleep 27th August 1942 Aged 76 Years And His Son Albert George Dixon Lost At Sea September 1942 Aged 42
"Ever In Our Thoughts"
Also Jessie Beloved Wife of William James Dixon Who Died 30th September 19(54/84) Aged 83 Years Also of Jessie May Dixon Died 10th June 1972 Aged 30 Years.

Flight Sergeant
A.H. Clarke
Royal Air Force
25th June 1945 Aged 31
"We Have Had Our Perfect Time Together"

In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband Herbert Webb Who Died By Enemy Action 1st July 1944 Aged 55
"Without Farewell He Fell Asleep, And Only Left His Memory To Keep"

A.J. Constable
Pioneer Corps
8th September 1943 Aged 40
"His Country Called For All To Give,
He Gave His Life So That We Might Live"
In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband
William .C. Hales Who Passed Away 16th February 1940 Aged 61
"Gone But Not Forgotten"
Also His Nephew Frederick Eugine Aldridge Who Died 16th April 1941 Aged 35 Years.
Killed By Enemy Action
Also (Ellen) Hales Wife of The Above William Killed By Enemy Action 28th October 1944 Aged 61 Years
Vase = Fred

Sacred To The Memory of Lily Coomber Who Died 12th August 1941 Aged 56 Years
"Too Dearly Loved To Be Forgotten"
Also Private Victor.E. Coomber R.A.O.C. Died 28th September 1942 Aged 24 Years.
Also of Thomas A Beloved Husband And Father Who Died 21st July 1956 Aged 69 Years.

R.G. Lowe
Royal Artillery
25th August 1940 Aged 22
"I Thank My God For Every Remembrance of You"

In Loving Memory of My Dear Wife And Son Killed By Enemy Action April17th 1941. Mary Kathleen Malyon Aged 31 Years And Walter Albert John Malyon Aged 2 Years.
"Thy Love Will Live For Ever More"

In Loving Memory of Our Dear Father And Mother Albert Spicer Freshwater Aged 59 Years. Alice Florence Freshwater Aged 57 Years Also My Dear Wife And Sons Lydia Florence Freshwater Aged 33 Years And Terrance George Aged 2 Years And Robert John Aged 8 Months. Also Our Dear Father And Mother John Edward Lawrence Macey Died (20th June) Through Injuries Received Aged 72 Years And Alice Eliza Macey Aged 67 Years.
All Victims of Enemy Action 25th June 1944.

In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband Ferdinard Devis Clark (Fred) 19th London Regiment 1914-1919 Who Died 2nd January 1939 Aged 46 Years. Also of Esther Burd Clark Wife of Above Who Died 12th November 1947 Aged 61 Years.

F. (D) Sheen
Royal Engineers
28th August 1940 Aged 39 Years
"In Ever Loving Memory Taken From This World of Strife And Now At Peace"

In Loving Memory of My Husband
Douglas Albert Barnes
Who Died On Active Service On 16th May 1941 Aged 21 Years
"Loves Last Gift" Remembrance.

In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband Walter George Dunn Aged 65 Years Also My Darling Grandson Alan Aged 3 Years Killed By Enemy Action 20th January 1943
"Always In My Thoughts"
Also Mary Ann Dunn Wife of The Above Who Fell Asleep 20th December 1964 Aged 82 Years

In Loving Memory of Our Dear Son (Sergeant) Herbert Henry Turkentine Who Died 2nd March 1943 Aged 29 Years Also My Loving Husband And Father of Above Cyril Turkentine Who Died 21st December 1958 Aged 67 Years.
Also His Wife Bertha Turkentine Who Died 29th August 1991 Aged 98 Years.

D.E. Parry
The Royal Norfolk Regiment
11th September 1940 Aged 22
" In Our Memory He Is Dearly Loved And Longed For Always Many A Silent Tear"

In Ever Loving Memory of Mary Ann Lock Aged 68 Years Also Lilian Alice Lunn Daughter of Above Aged 39 Years Also Rosina May Lunn Daughter of Above Aged 4 Years. Killed By Enemy Action January 20th 1943.
" They Were Not Heroes Nor Heroines, They Did Not Die For Their Sins, They Died What We Might Live To Be, In Peace And Forever Free"

In Loving Memory of Ellen Frances Speer Dear Wife And Mother Killed By Enemy Action 20th January 1943 Aged 59 Years. Also Harry Speer Dear Dad Reunited With Mum 5th February 1951 Aged 68 Years At Rest

A.E. Saunders
Royal Army Service Corps
18th August 1946 Aged 41
" Not Gone From Memory,
Not Gone From Love,
But Gone To Our Father’s Home Above.
Dorothy Lily Reunited With Her Husband Albert On 3rd September 1992 Aged 85.

R.E. Hills
Royal Army Ordinance Corps
5th December 1972 Aged 28
"Cherished Memories of A Very Dear Husband And Daddy. You Gave All My Darling"
Vase1= "O Gentle Jesus Up Above Please Take Good Care of Our Daddy And Give Him All The Love. Goodnight God Bless Daddy"
Vase2= "Roy, Who Died In Violence So Others May Live" Ulster 1972

In Ever Loving Memory of My Dear Son Leonard Ernest Eastwood Accidently Drowned On Active Service 3rd July 1952 Aged 20 Years. Also Mother Lillian Anne Eastwood 1902-1980

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