Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

The Distinguished Flying Cross is a military decoration awarded to personnel of the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force and other services, and formerly to officers of other Commonwealth countries, for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy".

This is an incomplete list of Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) recipients from the London Borough of Lewisham area and is being added to as new people are found.

Austen, George RAF awarded the DFC January 1944 of Deptford (KM 21 January 1944)
Cass, Ronald RAF awarded the DFC November 1944 of Deptford (KM 24 November 1944)
Clark, Alexander RAF awarded the DFC October 1944 of Deptford (KM 20 October 1944)
Coombs, Robert J RAF awarded the DFC August 1945 of Deptford (KM 3 August 1945 with portrait)
Harrow, A T RAF Awarded the DFC January 1945 of Deptford (KM 12 January 1945)
Hearne, Raymond RAF awarded bar to DFC November 1944 of Deptford (KM 24 November 1944)
Ladbrook, H H RAF awarded the DFC December 1943 of Deptford (KM 3 December 1943)
Malins, William RAF awarded the DFC November 1944 of Deptford (KM 24 November 1944)
Martin, Guy RAF awarded the DFC March 1946 of Deptford (KM 15 March 1946 with obituary and portrait)
Thorpe, Leonard RAF awarded the DFC Feb 1945 of Deptford (KM 2 Feb 1945)
Wheeler, Charles W RAF awarded the DFC October 1945 of Deptford (KM 5 October 1945)
Windmill, Arthur RAF awarded the DFC September 1944 of Deptford (KM 29 September 1944)

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