Grove Park Hospital

17 October 1940

Ruby Megan Rosser, Staff Nurse, Grove Park Hospital

A high explosive, bomb struck' Grove Park Hospital. Nurse Ruby Rosser immediately rushed to the bedside of a patient and protected the body and injured head of the sick person from the falling debris. She remained at her post until it was possible for the patient and herself to be rescued through a window, despite the fact that- the ceiling, together with the floor and equipment of the ward above, continued to fall in to the room and there was obvious danger that the whole roof might collapse on top of them. By her brave action Nurse Rosser saved her charge from further serious injury.

Mary Fleming, Staff Nurse
Aileen Turner, Senior Assistant Nurse
Grove Park Hospital.

When a high explosive bomb struck Grove Park Hospital, Nurse Turner and Nurse Fleming climbed through a first floor window, crawled across the floor of a ward which was in a highly dangerous condition and released several patients who were trapped. The quickness, coolness and courage' of
these two nurses resulted in all the patients being rescued a few minutes before the floor collapsed.

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